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I came here for my gender scan with my identical twins, I won one of the mothers day competitions after visiting before for a reassurance scan, I am so happy with everything, the pictures are very clear and we had an amazing 4d preview as well, I couldn't recommend this place more, and I have been to others when I had my other children, this is my favourite, thank you again to the staff for the amazing experience �

Heather Debra
Gender Scan at 17 weeks

Hey guys, what an amazing experience yesterday was, I had my 4d scan, and loved every second of it.. The lady was lovely, she explained in detail, what the baby was doing, showed me baby's face, and body.. We saw the baby smiling, sucking it's thumb it was amazing. We didn't feel rushed and took advantage of the new year package and only paid £45, which we thought was an amazing deal, and not to be missed. If you guys are between 24 and 32 weeks I think, I would definitely recommend you guys to book, you will fall in love with your little one..!! A massive thank you from me, my mum and sisters.. You guys are great..! ��

Saiqee Maroof
4D scan at 26 weeks

Today myself, my husband, mum and mother in law, came for a 4D scan, I had the premium miracle 4D package 4, from start to finish the service we received was very professional, whilst being friendly and welcoming, the sonographer was brilliant, she was very good at explaining everything to us about our baby whilst keeping the sex a surprise as we had requested, the room was lovely, spacious and comfy for everyone to enjoy the experience and with 2 large TV screens to watch it on everyone was able to fully see everything, we was also given plenty of time to select the photos we wanted printed and put on to the magnets and keyrings, all of us loved the experience today and was amazed at the quality of the photos of our beautiful baby and the overall experience we had, we would highly recommend miracle inside to anyone who is thinking of having a 4D scan

Kelly Galloway
Premium Miracle 4D package 4 at 28 weeks

An absolutely magical experience. I wasn't sure whether it would be worth it as I have an anterior placenta but I was advised on the right time to go and at 25 weeks the scan was clear and amazing. I saw him sucking his thumb, punching me, stretching, yawning, rubbing his eyes and at one point it even looked like he was swearing! It was great to see him so active and have the verbal reassurance too. We got to listen to his heart beat and now I feel very excited! The staff were brilliant and were helped me choose the best pictures for printing; they didn't make me feel rushed at all even though we were so close to closing time! Thank you!!

Elizabeth Amy
Reassurance scan at 25 weeks

Had a premium gender scan on the special offer, best thing I got to take my other children with me as the nhs scans don't allow this. Big lcd screen to see the baby on and got to find out at 16 weeks that I was having a girl. The sonographer explained everything excellently. Would recommend miracle inside to others.

Jade Brown
Premium gender scan at 16 weeks

Lovely staff, enjoyed both scans we've had here. Such an enjoyable experience for all of us. Would definitely recommend. We saw him smile, and wriggle about at both scans. Yesterday we had the 4D scan and the sonographer lady was so nice and informative and answered any questions i asked. She checked everything from his weight to the fluid around him. reassurance guaranteed. Will be going back for presentation scan. Definitely worth the money for the peace of mind. :-)

Aaron Calman
4D scan at 27 weeks

Having been to 4 different scanning centres around Leeds for various scans I would have to say that this is by far my favourite! From start to finish the staff were really friendly and the lady doing the sonogram itself was amazing at her job, a true asset to the company. From the get go she made me and my partner feel completely at ease and really reassured. By all accounts she had been doing the job for years and boy did it show she was completely competent at her job. The scan was a great price compared to others i have been too! Over half the price of mothercares baby bond! And in my opinion a thousand times better service and much better equipment used. Owning a baby shop myself i will be recommending all my customers to Miracles Inside and cant thank them enough for such a brilliant experience, you made my day guys�

Rachel Angels
Easter Special 3D/4D Package at 33 Weeks