Reassurance Scan Package

Reassurance Scan £59

13  – 34 weeks, 15 min Appointment

  • Well- Being Check  and Written Report .
  • Heartbeat Assessment ( Audible /Visual)
  • Growth Assurance
  • Head Circumference
  • Abdominal Circumference
  • Femur Length 
  • Blood Flow Check (umbilical cord)
  • Amniotic Fluid Assessment
  • Foetal Lie.
  • Placenta ; Position
  • Baby Weight ( At Time Of Scan)
  • Estimated Birth Weight
  • 2 x 2D scan  Photographs
  • CD ROM  of All Images taken during your 2D Scan

A Growth and Reassurance Scan is available from 13 weeks of pregnancy to provide another opportunity for your baby’s growth and well-being to be assessed. Also, for those who want to get a reassurance of their baby. This Reassurance scan focuses on the development of your baby and the well being of your pregnancy. Our sonographer will carry out Growth Scan measurements & weight calculations, establish placenta position & fluid volume, provide audible heartbeat trace, and identify the position of your baby, all of which will be documented on a written report. Miracle Inside qualified sonographer will perform visual checks for both heartbeat and movement in Reassurance scan Leeds. 

Miracle Inside is the best, Sonographer owned  3D/4D scan Ultrasound Clinic in Yorkshire.

The optional extra items can be brought if you inform the sonographer when you fill the prequestionnaire form. 

  • CD ROM of all  2D scan Pictures     - £10.00
  • USB  Drive of all  2D scan Pictures  -  £15.00
  • 2D scan on  DVD (Whole Scan ) .    -  £15.00
  • 2D scan on USB  Drive (Whole Scan) -  £20.00
  • 1 colour 6x4 printed 2D scan photos  - £ 5 or 3 no’s  for £12
  • 1 key rings   -   £ 5  or 3 no’s for £12.00
  • 1 Fridge Magnet   -     £ 5 / 3 no’s for £12.00
  • Gift Certificates  Available - The perfect gift for the mom-to-be in your life

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