Premium Gender Scan

Premium Gender Scan £69

15 weeks 2 days - 34 weeks, 10-15 min Appointment

  • 2D Photos: 2
  • 4D Sneaky Preview.
  • Free Heart-Beat  Teddy Bear.
  • CD ROM with All Beautiful Images  taken during  your  Scan
  • DVD of your Scan Recorded .
  • No of Guests   -  5 ( 6 Including Mum-to-be ) 
  • Visual heartbeat monitoring
  • Verbal Reassurance
  • £ 10 loyalty card for your  4D scan on our Standard MI-MI 4 packages 
  • Guaranteed Rescan Option

Premium Ultrasound Gender scan is the package from 15 wks and 2 days of pregnancy for those who want to know the sex of their baby along with verbal well-being report of the Baby. You and up to 5 guests are welcome to watch as we find out the gender of your little miracle projected on to a large LCD screen on our spacious and relaxed surroundings.

Miracle Inside will endeavour to show your little miracle in 4D if the baby is in a good position. Our sonographer will check the baby’s heartbeat, check placental position, fluid volume, identify the Placental position of your baby and provide gender confirmation. Our Premium Gender scan offers  FREE Re-scan policy** if we are unable to confirm the gender of your baby (Please note that an ultrasound Gender scan does not provide 100% guarantee to the sex of your baby. However, all pregnancy scans are performed by qualified and highly experienced obstetric sonographers and we provide 99.9% accuracy based on the imagery obtained during your scan). If you need more information related to the 16-week Gender scan to contact us now! 

Re-scan Guarantee**

During your Premium 16 weeks baby gender scan, if your baby is not in a good position and difficult for the Sonographer, she will ask you take to walk to encourage movement. In the event this does not work, we will offer you one complimentary re-scan date (terms and conditions apply). 

Miracle Inside is the best, Sonographer owned  3D/4D scan Ultrasound Clinic in Yorkshire.

The optional extra items can be brought if you inform the sonographer when you fill the prequestionnaire form. 

  • CD ROM of all 2D Scan pictures  - £10.00
  • 2D scan DVD (Whole Scan ) -  £15.00
  • 1 colour 6x4 printed  2D Scan photos  - £ 4 or 3 no’s  for £10
  • 1 key rings   -   £ 4  or 3 no’s for £10.00
  • 1 Fridge Magnet   -     £ 4 / 3 no’s for £10.00
  • Gender Reveal Cannons - £ 15 
  • Gender Reveal Balloons - £ 10 

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