Fertility Ultrasound Scan &  IVF Specialist Consultation

Fertility Ultrasound Scan & IVF Specialist Consultation £250

Patients looking to be considered for fertility treatment are offered Initial Consultation for  Initial Fertility Assessment for Infertility Treatment, IVF / Surrogacy with a Fertility Pelvic scan and fertility Blood in West Yorkshire will be conducted with the Specialist consultant after the Initial blood and Pelvic scans.

In the Initial Consultation with our specialist IVF Consultant, they are advised on any required infertility Treatment, IVF treatment options and   Surrogacy Pregnancy options with the help of the detailed Fertility Pelvic Scan, and fertility blood test.

  • Bloods test is done for the Female FSH, LH, Prolactin, T3, Ft4, TSH and AMH (Costs Extra if you can’t get them from your GP )
  • Complete Pelvic Ultrasound scan Included
  • Complete medical and surgical histories are discussed. 
  • The best option for treatment is discussed and additional investigations, if needed may be ordered or performed. The weight and height of both parties will be determined and the Body Mass Index (BMI) determined.
  • If a woman is seeking IVF/ICSI or IUI/DI treatment with their own eggs, and AMH blood test is accessed to evaluate the fertility potential.
  • Men are typically required to provide a sample of their sperm prior to their next appointment. The amount of Sperm count, Motility Morphology, and any other relevant information are all considered. While the semen analysis will provide an indication of the most appropriate treatment and appropriate, the doctor will make a final choice upon the patient's test results. The treatment plan provided may be changed at any point but we try our best to assist and advise patients about this.
  • You will receive legal consent forms that you must read through and submit before the appointment. Do not attempt to fill these out at your home. Take notes of any questions you may have about the consent forms, and bring them with you to your appointment.

Pelvic Ultrasound Scan - Fertility -  £100 ( Included )

Miracle Inside 3D/4D Baby Scan Centre offers Pelvic Ultrasound - Fertility scans, one of the essential elements of a complete fertility test. Transvaginal ultrasound scans are able to examine the pelvis for indications of any underlying gynaecological issues which could affect fertility and IVF results including endometriosis or fibroids, in addition to checking the health of the womb's lining and checking the ovarian reserve counting the number of antral follicles (one among the more sensitive test on the market).

Our Detailed Ultrasound pelvic scan is for gynaecological and Fertility treatment purposes is accessible for all women who are planning for starting a new family to examine the different stages of fertility, Early menopause, IVF treatment abroad.

We will do a full ultrasound transvaginal scan to determine 

  • The shape, size and condition of the uterus
  • The lining of the womb
  • Check both the ovaries
  • The pelvic region

The scan will comprise:

* Scan will begin transabdominal and Transvaginal scans are then to be done.
* Consent will be sought prior to doing a TV scan.
* In-depth examination of the dimensions and shapes of Uterus (womb) Cervix and Ovaries.
* The thickness of the lining of the uterine (endometrium).
* Tracking and assessing the Follicle. the day of Ovulation.
* A detailed report will be released the next day.
* A 2D representation of Uterus and Ovaries will be shown in the event of any issue you will be advised in your decision and the Sonographer will inform the doctor/GP concerned after your consent.

Fertility Blood Test Required for the Consultation ( Optional Extra )

  • FSH                  -       £ 35 
  • LH                    -       £ 35 
  • Prolactin             -      £ 45
  • FT3, Ft4, TSH     -      £ 60
  • AMH                  -      £ 75

IVF Blood Test & Surrogacy Screening.

Miracle Inside provides same-day  IVF blood tests,  Surrogacy Screening Blood Tests result in service for some blood tests (Monday - Friday, excluding Bank Holidays) . 
Please inform us at the time of booking if you require same-day results.

If can't see a particular test that you’re looking for? 

Please get in touch on 📞 01138301371 and we can prepare a  request to our partner laboratories.

We provide same-day IVF blood tests,  surrogacy screening blood tests result in service for some blood tests (Monday - Friday, excluding bank holidays). A £ 20 courier charge will be applied for same-day results'.
Please inform us at the time of booking if you require same-day results.

All results are sent confidentially to your email

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current COVID situation, we can't Guarantee Faster results with our normal Royal Mail service. If you need Faster results, all Send away IVF blood tests,  Surrogacy Screening Blood Tests will have a surcharge of £10 for next day delivery by DHL Courier, to avoid delay in the sample reaching the laboratory.

The Special blood tests prices  for couples who have the blood along with the fertility Ultrasound Scan

( All these  Test below  requires Phlebotomy and courier  Charge - £25 extra  ) 


  • HBA1C - Glycosylated Hb  -  £45
  • Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA)  -  £35
  • Vitamin D  -  £32
  • Glucose Tolerance + Insulin  -  £330
  • Testosterone  -  £40
  • Progesterone  -  £45
  • Vitamin B12  -  £30
  • BETA-HCG Serum  -  £40
  • Prolactin   -  £35
  • Oestrogen  -  £40
  • Luteinizing Hormone (LH)   -  £35
  • Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)  -  £35
  • Parathyroid Hormone (PTH)  -  £48
  • SHBG  -  £60
  • Ferritin  -  £30
  • Folate Level  -  £30
  • FSH & E2  -  £85
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone  -  £40
  • Thyroid Function ( Ft4 + TSH )  -  £35
  • T4 + TSH  -  £40
  • Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody  -  £38
  • CA125 (Ovarian Cancer)  -  £45


  • Blood Group Type  -  £60
  • Full Blood Count  -  £25
  • Clotting Screen (Coagulation Screen)  -  £35
  • Clotting Profile  ( PT & APPT +Fibrogen)  -  £68
  • Haemoglobin Electrophoresis  -  £100


  • HEP B CORE AB – TOTAL  -  £47
  • Throat Swab Gonn / Chla PCR  -  £65
  • HEP B SURFACE ANTIGEN ( HBsAg)  -  £40
  • Hep B, Hep C & HIV   -  £150
  • Hepatitis A Total AB (IGG & IGM)   -  £38
  • Hep C   -  £45
  • Hepatitis B Antibody  -  £40
  • HIV DUO (HIV1+2 & P24 AG )  -  £47
  • Hepatitis B Vaccination  -  £38
  • HIV, Hepatitis B And C, Syphilis  -  £160
  • Hepatitis C Antibody  -  £40
  • Torch Screen   -  £164
  • Chlamydia + Gonorrhea Screen  -  £75
  • Measles Antibody (IgG)  -  £35
  • Chlamydia PCR Urine  -  £65
  • Measles Antibody (IgM)  -  £35
  • CMV IgG And IgM  -  £70
  • Rubella Antibody (IgG)  -  £40
  • Rubella IgM Antibody  -  £38
  • Syphilis Screen  -  £35
  • Sperm/Semen Screen  -  £120
  • STD -- BLOODS ONLY   -  £125
  • Toxoplasma IGG+ IGM  -  £79
  • Varicella Zoster AB S   -  £65
  • HTLV 1 & 2  -  £65  


  • Zika Abs IGM & IGG Blood Test   - £150
  • Karyotype (Chromosomes)   -  £245
  • Chromosome Analysis (Bld)  -  £388
  • Natural Killer Cells (NKC) X 7  -  £455
  • Y Deletion  -  £210
  • Karyotype + Y-Deletion   -  £420 

Please contact us on 01132008760 to speak to the sonographer, if you would like to learn more about these Fertility  Transvaginal Range of Scans and Private Bloods Tests.

The fertility scan is accessible to women who are premenopausal (childbearing years) and is intended for women who are undergoing or planning to undergo treatment for fertility either in the UK or elsewhere, or for anyone looking to know when their ovulation is as well as for women who is undergoing treatment for IVF and requires confirmation. To ensure maximum clarity and accuracy, this test should be performed transvaginally (Internal Scans) and can be done according to:

  • Examine the condition of the uterus and Ovaries prior to conception.
  • Calculate the timing of ovulation and measure the thickness of the endometrial to determine the amount of assisted Conception.
  • Take measurements of the size of the follicles (follicle tracker) and endometrial thickness prior to IVF treatment.

We hope we can help you with understanding the schedule of costs for any of your blood test requirements 

At any time, if you have any questions about the prices for the IVF blood tests,  Surrogacy Screening Blood Tests test services, please contact us to speak to a member of the clinic staff. on +44 01138301371

Please note: any appointment cancelled by a patient within 48 working hours may incur a 50% cancellation charge if the session is not re-booked for another patient.

Patients must be at least 18 years of age for phlebotomy 

An IVF blood test,  Surrogacy Screening Blood Tests is used to measure your hormone levels and is usually the first fertility test that your doctor will prescribe if you are finding it difficult to conceive and suspect that you may be infertile. Blood test results are primarily used to detect hormonal causes of infertility. The blood test is taken at the start of your menstrual cycle (days 2 to 5) and typically measure levels of the hormones FSH, LH, oestradiol and sometimes prolactin.

It is a relatively easy way of identifying why it is taking you some time to get pregnant and in some cases, this may be enough to pinpoint the root of the problem.

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