Early Pregnancy Scan Package

Early Pregnancy Scan £49

 8 -13 weeks , 10-15 min Appointment

  • 8-13 weeks  
  • 10-15 min Appointment 
  • 2D scan Photos: 2
  • CD ROM  with All  Beautiful 2D scan Images  taken during the Scan
  • Reassurance Report
  • HeartBeat Check 

Please ensure you will be at least 8 weeks pregnant at the time of your scheduled appointment for Early Pregnancy Scan or Dating scan in Yorkshire. Miracle Inside does only transabdominal ultrasound 2d scan and we do not do an internal scan (transvaginal scan). Measurements will be taken of baby’s crown to rump, providing confirmation of gestation age, and checks will be made as to the position of yolk sac along with visual confirmation of heartbeat and the number of babies you are carrying. Our sonographer will also check your uterus and ovaries, and a written report will be provided. Book now to reserve your spot for early pregnancy scan 8 weeks and for more Information please contact miracle Inside on 01132008760

Miracle Inside is the best, Sonographer owned  3D/4D scan Ultrasound Clinic in Yorkshire.

The optional extra items can be brought if you inform the sonographer when you fill the prequestionnaire form. 

  • CD ROM of all 2D scan  pictures  - £10.00
  • 2D scan DVD (Whole Scan ) -  £15.00
  • 1 colour 6x4 printed  2D Scan photos  - £ 4 or 3 no’s  for £10
  • 1 key rings   -   £ 4  or 3 no’s for £10.00
  • 1 Fridge Magnet   -     £ 4 / 3 no’s for £10.00


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