- 10 TO 15 MIN  of  Diagnostic  Scan  Appointment 
- Only  for  14  TO 24 WKS of pregnancy 

BASIC REASSURANCE SCAN  Offer Package is the perfect option for those who want the experience of your Little Miracle. The Basic  Reassurance Scan is available from 14 weeks of pregnancy to  24 weeks to provide another opportunity for your baby’s growth and well-being to be assessed. Also, for those who want to get the reassurance of their baby. This Basic  Reassurance Scan focuses on the development of your baby and the well being of your pregnancy.


  • Fetal Wellbeing Check
  • Growth Measurements of the baby
  • Visual Heartbeat Monitoring
  • Verbal Reassurance.
  • Gender confirmation if needed ( over 16 weeks )
  • 2D Printed Photos: 2
  • No of Guests   -  1 ( 2 Including Mum-To-Be )
  • *New Measures Due to view of the current Coronavirus recommendations
  • Not Suitable for Multiple Pregnancy 
  • Diagnostic Fetal Assessment  Report 

If you need more information related to THIS PACKAGE please contact us now! 

*Note: This scan Package  is  only for 14 TO 24  wks of pregnancy, If you are measuring more  than  24 weeks   you would be charged for the Growth & Reassurance scan - £ 59 and also if you are measuring MORE  than 34 weeks   at the time of the scan, you would be charged for the POSITION AND PRESENTATION SCAN  - £ 59

 *Note: A £ 30 deposit is Needed for all Bookings

We are monitoring the current situation really closely on a Day to Day basis. At the moment, please keep checking.  for the latest Information .we’re operating the clinic as usual and look forward to seeing you for your next appointment despite the daily changes.