• The Greatest Gift for any Expectant Mother would be to see their little bundle of joy, so why not treat the expectant mother with the Joy of attending an Ultrasound scan. We do offer a wide variety of Gift Vouchers for scan packages at our clinics to suits everyone’s budget.
  • Our scans offer a truly Stunning experience in a calm and cosy atmosphere for mothers-to-be and their guests by offering an intimates view of the baby will last for a full lifetime.
  • Before you order your Gift Vouchers please take a look at our scan packages to view our prices and the services included in each package.
  • Please follow the Instructions here to Buy your Ultrasound Gift Scan Package by simply clicking  the Book now  button to complete the purchase online 
  • We do not scan anyone under the age of 16 . Between 16-18 will need parental consent.

I agree to the following Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policy: No cancellations or changes allowed within 72 hours of the appointment and More details can be found in our Policies page

Important  information :

  • This Gift voucher is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • This Gift voucher is valid until the expiry date specified Cannot be Redeemed or Replaced after this date.
  • We not responsible for lost/stolen Gift vouchers, 
  • This Gift Voucher can only be used for the Scan Packages on the Vouchers 


  • Miracle Inside Combo Package Gift Voucher

    £ 225.00 Book Now

    £ 75.00 Book Now
  • Basic Reassurance 4D Scan Gift Voucher

    £ 65.00 Book Now
  • Basic Reassurance Gender scan Gift Voucher

    £ 55.00 Book Now
  • Growth & Reassurance Scan Gift Voucher

    £ 65.00 Book Now
  • Position and Presentation Scan Gift Voucher

    £ 65.00 Book Now

More information :

  • Minimum age 18 , Under 18s will require parental consent and require them to attend the session with you
  • We do not scan anyone under the age of 16 . Between 16-18 will need parental consent.
  • The BMI of Mum may affect the image quality of a 3D/4D scan
  • It's very important that routine NHS scans are still attended.
  • Gender identification can be added to the package for an additional cost.
  • To book your appointment, call us on 0113 2008760 or visit Online to redeem your Gift Voucher.
  • Please remember to bring the voucher with you on the day.
  • Please note there is a £15 surcharge for multiple pregnancies due to the extra time required in the scan room.