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NIPT Testing in Leeds 

The most recent breakthroughs have involved analysing cell-free maternal and fetal DNA in the mother's blood. This has come to be known as 'non-invasive prenatal testing' (NIPT), because all that is needed is a maternal blood test.

Although NIPT for Down's syndrome is not diagnostic, large scale studies show that the test has a detection rate of over 99%. So it is currently a very sensitive screening test for Down's syndrome, and can also look for Edwards' and Patau's syndrome.

In addition to our range of Ultrasound Baby scan  services, Fertility Scans, We now offer these following NIPT test at our Leeds Centre  Yorkshire.

 Serenity NIPT

Serenity NIPT is a safe, easy, and reliable non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) that uses a small sample of your blood to screen your pregnancy for common chromosome abnormalities like Down syndrome.

With the advances in genetic medicine, cell free foetal DNA which is present in the mother’s blood from early pregnancy, can now be used to sequence the DNA of the baby to check for genetic abnormalities. This is as simple as taking a blood sample from the mother for testing at the laboratory.

The serenity test can be performed from 10 weeks gestation, The test includes an ultrasound dating scan  which is performed prior to the bloods being taken. The purpose of the scan is to date the pregnancy, carry out at Miracle Inside and also check for the presence of two or more foetuses.

The serenity test uses verifi® technology which uses ‘full genome sequencing’ to count the number of copies of foetal chromosomes in the mothers blood, it then calculates the risk of there being too many or too few copies of chromosome 13, 18 & 21 in the foetus. This test has been shown to be the most sensitive non-invasive screening test available.

With Serenity there is the option to test for abnormalities of the sex chromosomes, there is normally 2 sex chromosomes either XX – female or XY – male. However abnormalities arise when you receive 1,3, or even 4 chromosomes. Monosomy X is where you only receive one X chromosome, this is also know as Turners Syndrome. Trisomy of the sex chromosomes is where you receive three chromosomes either XXX (Triple X syndrome) or XXY also know as Klienfelters syndrome. It is also possible to receive 4 sex chromosomes XXYY.

The Serenity test also has the option of testing for microdeletions, a microdeletion is where a small section of the genetic information on the chromosome is lost during the process of DNA replication. The size and position of the deletion will determine which clinical features are manifested and also the severity of the feature. The serenity test will quantify the risk of the foetus having 22q11 deletion (DiGeorge region),15q11 deletion (Angelman/ Prader-Wili) 1p36 deletion, 4p (Wolf-Hirschorn) 5p (Cri-du Chat) and also chromosome trisomy 9 and 16.

After the blood samples are taken the results are usually available in around seven working days. Genesis Serenity aim to deliver results within seven working days from when the sample reaches their laboratory in the UK. This does not include weekend days.

Genesis Serenity Packages and Prices

Package 1 - Genesis Serenity Test with  Early Pregnancy scan in Leeds - £ 400.00    

  • 30 minute appointment with Qualified Health Professional
  • Ultrasound baby scan for viability, baby measurements, dating & basic health check
  • Genesis Serenity Prenatal Test – Non Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT)
  • 2 samples of blood taken from arm of mother
  • Optional DNA sexing of baby (singleton pregnancy only)
  • Results of test emailed to client

Package 2 - Genesis Serenity Test with Early Pregnancy scan in Leeds & microdeletion analysis - £ 500.00 

  • 30 minute appointment with Qualified Health Professional
  • Ultrasound baby scan for viability, baby measurements, dating & basic health check
  • Genesis Serenity Prenatal Test – Non Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT)
  • 2 samples of blood taken from arm of mother
  • Optional DNA sexing of baby (singleton pregnancy only)
  • Results of test emailed to client
  • Microdeletions analysis & additional chromosome option

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Genesis Serenity Prenatal Test/Non Invasive Paternity Test?

Genesis Serenity is a non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) that offers the reassurance of knowing in the early stages of pregnancy, as early as 10 weeks, that your baby is at low risk of Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21), Edwards Syndrome (Trisomy 18), and Patau Syndrome (Trisomy 13). Other tests that are commonly requested are sex chromosome linked conditions such as Klinefelter syndrome and Turner syndrome. (Please discuss with your healthcare provider to suggest if these are right for you). The NIPT test does not assess risk for mosaicism, partial trisomies or translocations. The test will provide accurate answers when they matter most—simply, safely, sooner.

How is it carried out?

Your baby’s cell free DNA can be detected circulating in your blood and so it requires a simple blood test, which is then sent to Genesis Genetic’s labs in London, analysed and the results returned within 1 week. You will also be required to have an ultrasound scan prior to the blood test to check the viability of your pregnancy.

Who can have the Genesis Serenity prenatal test?

It can be carried out for most pregnancies. Including IVF, singleton and twins. It can be performed on women who conceived via assisted reproductive technology (ART), including use of a donor egg.

Is the NIPT test conclusive?

Although it’s not 100% conclusive, Genesis Serenity is highly accurate. The NIPT  test identifies in singleton pregnancies more than 99% of fetuses with Trisomy 21, 98% of fetuses with Trisomy 18, and 98% of fetuses with Trisomy 13, and 95% of fetuses with Turner Syndrome. X and Y analysis provides >99% accuracy for fetal sex. Accuracy for detecting other sex chromosome anomalies varies by condition. The risk of requiring further testing such as CVS or Amniocentesis after a Genesis Serenity NIPT is dramatically reduced.

How does NIPT test differ from NHS tests?

The Genesis Serenity test is able to deliver a much higher accuracy than NHS tests giving you greater peace of mind. It’s totally non-invasive, posing minimal risk to mother or baby, can test for more than just Down Syndrome and can be carried out as early as 10 weeks pregnant. NHS Down Syndrome screening tests are typically undertaken via a nuchal translucency ultrasound between 11 and 14 weeks. NIPT test can only estimate the risk of your baby having Down’s, it can’t tell you for sure either way. For example, if your result is one in 1,000, this means that for every 1,000 babies with your level of risk, one will have Down’s syndrome. A risk of one in 150 or less is considered high. If for some reason the scan cannot be completed, expectant mothers are offered a blood test between 14 and 20 weeks of pregnancy, which is less accurate than the nuchal test. Further testing such as CVS and amniocentesis are invasive and have risk factors associated with them.

How does the Genesis Serenity test differ from other NIPTs on the market?

Our laboratory is based in London, ensuring that your results are returned to you faster than many of our competitors who send blood samples to the United States or China for analysis.

Where can I get the Best NIPT test in Leeds?

Miracle Inside 3D/4D Baby Scan Centre offer the Genesis Serenity test at its clinics in Leeds , Ls102Bd . To make an appointment call 01132008760 during office hours or email

How long does it take?

Once you have seen your Healthcare Professional and had your scan then a simple blood sample is taken from the expectant mothers arm to be sent to Genesis Genetics labs for processing which will take less than 1 week. Results are sent to the healthcare professional to forward to patients.

Genesis Serenity Test Clinics

To make an appointment at our clinics please call our customer services team on 01132008760 during office hours or email

Please ensure you will be at least 10 weeks pregnant at the time of your scheduled appointment NIPT Test in Yorkshire.

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